4 Reasons Our Clients Choose Us for Miami Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

When seconds count – and in the event of a fire, they do – our Miami commercial fire alarm monitoring company is who you want to protect your business. Here are some of the many reasons why our clients trust us.

A fire alarm system in your business is a significant first step toward keeping your employees safe. But just like when a tree falls, and no one’s around, does it make a sound? If your fire alarm is triggered and no one is listening, does it do you any good? We may never know the answer to the tree question, but we do know that an unmonitored (or inefficiently monitored) fire alarm is almost like not having a fire alarm.

When our clients need Miami commercial fire alarm monitoring, they turn to us because they know we are listening – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Let’s review why our monitoring system is head and shoulders above the rest.

Our Monitoring System Is The Fastest

How do we do it? It’s wireless! Our proprietary DynaNet monitoring network uses a mesh system to route emergency signals along the fastest, most efficient route possible. When we saw how slow and unreliable traditional phone lines were for routing emergency signals, we created a wireless mesh network that bypasses old-school landlines and cellular networks.

But how fast are we talking about here? With traditional methods, an emergency signal can take up to 45 seconds to reach its destination. That might not sound like a long time, but trust us, if there’s a fire, it’s an eternity! DynaFire’s DynaNet monitoring system gets signals to our Central Monitoring Station in between one and three seconds! Now, that’s fast!

Our Monitoring System Is Scalable

The same technology that makes DynaNet so fast also makes it scalable. How does that work? Excellent question! Since our network uses wireless communication, emergency signals are configured to the fastest, most efficient route every time a new receiver is added. Unlike cellular networks that tend to slow down when more devices are using it, DynaNet only gets faster!

Wireless also means easy installation because there is no need for digging, trenching, cables, wires, or any other infrastructure that’s expensive and can break down. It’s easy to add a DynaNet receiver to your location. When you expand across town, across the state, across the country, or even across the world, our Miami commercial fire alarm monitoring solution goes with you. 

Our Monitoring System Is The Most Reliable

Remember how DynaNet doesn’t need extensive infrastructure for installation? Of course, you do; you just read it! When you don’t have all those cables and wires, you have fewer opportunities for one of those cables or wires to fail. Less infrastructure equals fewer fail points.

Another reliability check mark goes to our wireless network. Cellular technology is constantly changing. Remember those 3G sunsets? Any business running a monitoring system using 3G had to upgrade its entire system. 4G went next, and soon enough it will be 5G’s turn …it’s never-ending. With wireless, the only sunsets you’ll see are the gorgeous Florida sunsets out your west window.

Our Heart For Service Sets Us ApartMiami commercial fire alarm monitoring

Our technology is unmatched in Fire & Life Safety, but do you want to know the main reason our clients choose us for their Miami commercial fire alarm monitoring? It’s our heart for service. We never get tired of hearing accolades like this one from Mr. Daniel.

“I just wanted to thank Tom McCoy for working hard to care for our clients. Tom had already been working in the panhandle for several days and was getting ready to head home. A customer emergency came in at another location almost 2 hrs further away, and he jumped right in to take the call. We appreciate your dedication. Thanks, Tom!”

When you’re ready for Miami commercial fire alarm monitoring that’s fast, scalable, reliable and comes with a heavy helping of customer service, contact DynaFire. We look forward to working with you.

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