A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Our Jacksonville BDA System Installation Process

DynaFire provides the best in Fire & Life Safety services to our clients in the state of Florida. From fire alarm systems, wireless monitoring, to Jacksonville BDA systems, you won’t need another provider for your fire safety needs. 

Don’t lie, you’ve always wished you could be in on the installation of a BDA system. Your lucky day is (sort of) here since we’re sharing a fly-on-the-wall perspective of a Jacksonville BDA system installation.

What’s A BDA System?

A BDA system, or bi-directional amplifier system, is a series of antennas that are installed on a property to increase the radio frequencies. First responders rely on these systems when they are responding to a fire or other emergency in a building that would otherwise have poor connectivity. 

The performance of emergency responder and public safety radio systems can be affected by building size, construction features, and other elements that absorb or block radio communications. This includes:

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Low-E glass windows
  • Underground structures
  • And more

You’ve probably experienced bad connectivity at some point in your life – like when you take your cell phone into a parking garage in the middle of a conversation and the call is dropped. Situations like this clearly can’t happen in an emergency, and that’s why you need a Jacksonville BDA system.

How Is A BDA System Installed?Jacksonville BDA System

When you work with DynaFire for your Jacksonville BDA system installation, we’ll send out our team to conduct an RF (radio frequency) survey. This will determine if your building needs a BDA system. The survey and installation of your system need to be completed by personnel who are FCC GROL certified, and last we checked, that describes our BDA technicians to a T. 

Once the survey is completed, we start the planning phase. We’ll assess your property’s floor plans and create a system design that will supply adequate signals to your entire property. This is based on the information that was gathered during your RF survey and site assessment. 

When the installation begins, we’ll install a large antenna, called a “donor antenna,” on the roof of your building. This antenna is connected to amplifiers throughout your building.

Once the system is installed, we will test throughout your property to ensure it’s functioning as it should. Our Jacksonville BDA system is tested and evaluated in accordance with UL 2524 1st Edition requirements for In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems and meets the requirements of local and state regulations. 

Our Class B, BDA solutions are high power, band-selective radio signal booster systems and can be designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges.

Looking For Your Jacksonville BDA System? Call DynaFire Today

A BDA system helps to keep your people and property safe by allowing police, the fire department, medical responders, and others to communicate clearly and effectively. DynaFire is here to make this happen. Contact us today to discuss your Fire & Life Safety needs.

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