Holiday Fire Safety Tips To Share

Winter is coming and so are the holidays. However, before you light the menorah or hang your stockings with care, look for ways that you can keep holiday fire safety on your list. 

At DynaFire, when we make our list and check it twice, we find Fire & Life Safety is at the very top. Holiday decorations adorn all the stores these days and you may be considering going full Clark Griswold at this point. But before you get started, follow our tips (with a little help from the National Fire Prevention Association) to keep you and yours safe this holiday season and all year long.

Mind Your Decorations

When choosing your holiday decorations, look for those that are flame-resistant or flame-retardant. Making it harder for fire to start is a smart first step to fire safety.

Candles are popular this time of year, but they’re also a great way to start a fire. When you burn candles, be sure they are far away from anything that could catch on fire like cards and other decorations. Nearly one-third of home decoration fires are caused by candles.

Holiday fire safetyOn your mission to have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas, check your lights first.

Only use outdoor lights outdoors and indoor lights indoors. Some lights can be used inside and outside but you should know for sure before hanging them. Outside lights are water resistant; some inside lights are not, and water can cause a spark.

Hang outside lights with clips that do not damage the cords. Staple guns make for hilarious hijinks in the movies, but IRL you should take care to not damage the cords.

Entertain – But Not Too Much

Before you start baking, test those smoke alarms. No, the ham isn’t done when the smoke alarm goes off, but if there is an emergency, you need to know that you’ll be alerted. Change the batteries if you need to.Holiday fire safety

Whether you’re outsourcing the cranberry sauce to Grandma, or going canned this year, make sure the cooks stay in the kitchen. It can only take a moment for a flame to get out of control and, if you’re not right there to extinguish it (with your fully-functional fire extinguisher, of course), you may be serving your holiday dinner to your local firefighters as well.

If you’re burning candles, put them high enough that children and pets can’t reach them. A curious hand (or tail) can lead to spending the holiday in the emergency room. Use battery-operated candles to spread the warm glow of the season without the risks of an open flame.

Trim Your Tree Safely

There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. When choosing your tree this year, find one that has fresh green needles. Give it a shake to see if the needles fall off. A healthy tree will hold onto its needles.

In your home, place your tree at least three feet away from any heat source like a fireplace, heat vent, or candle.

Keep your tree hydrated. A thirsty, dry tree is more likely to catch fire. If you need a real-life example of why you need a well-watered tree, check out the holiday fire safety video at the bottom of the page to see the difference daily watering can make.

After the holidays or if your tree gets too dry, dispose of it. Check with your local municipality for recycling programs. Oftentimes, the city will designate certain days that it will pick up discarded trees.

Happy Holidays From DynaFire

At DynaFire, we want you and your family to have a safe, enjoyable holiday season. Keeping these holiday fire safety tips in mind will help you make good memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have questions about how to keep your home or business safe during the most wonderful time of the year, or any time of the year, contact us today.

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