Let’s Talk About The Facts For A Florida BDA System

What if we told you the future of your business could lie in the hands of a Florida BDA system? It’s true and here’s why.

BDA Systems Were Designed For First Responders

Buildings made of concrete, steel and other sturdy materials often fall victim to dead zones due to the thick structures that cause poor reception. While this can be a frustrating environment to check Facebook in, it– more importantly– makes for a dangerous environment for first responders to communicate in during an emergency situation. 

Florida BDA SystemBi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) were designed to enhance that in-building two-way communication so that if an emergency were to arise, first responders are able to signal for back-up. The impact of a Florida BDA system has been so insurmountable that radio frequency surveys are being conducted across large buildings to determine if a building will require one in the future. 

This survey, typically conducted by a specialized FCC GROL certified technician and some fire department radio personnel, measures the current building’s Downlink/Uplink signal strengths in decibels-milliwatts (dBm). Survey results are submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction who will determine if a BDA solution is required. 

BDA Systems Operate On A Single Frequency

When a BDA system is up and running, it searches for the wireless signal that’s most frequented throughout your building. Once that signal is located and captured, the BDA system amplifies and redistributes it to provide maximum exposure. 

In order to ensure successful communication, our technicians strategically place each BDA system in the position to receive the best signal possible. Investing in one of these systems means investing in a life-saving device that will provide improved signal strength and more reliable coverage when your building needs it most. 

BDA Systems Are Beneficial For Buildings Of All Kinds 

If you’re wondering if your building could use a Florida BDA system, the answer is most likely yes. Airport terminals, apartment buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, convention centers, schools, stadiums and hospitals are among the extensive list of buildings that could benefit from having a BDA system installed. 

Invest In A Florida BDA System Today 

Any place where first responders, maintenance and security personnel need to maintain two-way communication should invest in a Florida BDA system. And we can help. Allow us to be the ones who provide your business with reliable Fire & Life Safety systems that can be your backbone when even the toughest situations occur. Contact us today about your BDA needs!

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