If You’re Looking For Fire Alarm Companies Near Me, How Soon Can We Meet?

There are many reasons you could be searching for “fire alarm companies near me.” We’re sharing a couple of them below:

We Can Help Design Your Fire Alarm System 

Whether you’re moving office locations or building a new commercial property, we can help design your fire alarm system from day one. The design phase is an intricate process that includes integrating client preferences with applicable codes and AHJ requirements. 

Once we determine your building’s specific needs, our engineers will be there to incorporate various low-voltage systems into a cost-effective and efficient installation design. You can leave it up to us to do the dirty work so that you can reap the benefits. 

We’re Skilled With Installation & Implementation

Fire Alarm Companies Near MeAs a Fire & Life Safety company for commercial properties, we know there are three important factors to keep in mind during the construction process. Those factors are code compliance, schedule and budget. 

Our NICET certified technicians are trained to implement fire alarm installation safely and within due time while staying on-budget. Between our project managers, our client’s unique needs and our access to the best safety equipment on the market, we can assure you of our ability to provide world-class service from concept to Certificate of Occupancy. 

We’ve Created & Established A State-Of-The-Art Monitoring System 

Regardless of the reasoning behind searching for ‘fire alarm companies near me,’ we can meet your needs with a cherry on top by monitoring your systems with DynaNet. DynaNet is our branded wireless mesh network that provides a fault-tolerant delivery of alarm signals for fire and security systems. 

Through rigorous testing and years of perfecting, our system meets all UL and NFPA requirements, and the installation process is simple with no cabling required. Let’s just say, you need DynaNet more than DynaNet needs you. For safety reasons, that is. 

If you’re looking for ‘fire alarm companies near me,’ we’re right where you need us. With over 7 office locations and technicians available state-wide, we can be the go-to Fire & Life Safety company you use to keep you safe and code compliant. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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