Common Misconceptions About Installing A Fire Sprinkler For Businesses

One of the best things you can do as a business owner is install the proper Fire & Life Safety systems in your building. We’re sharing some common misconceptions we often hear about a fire sprinkler for businesses.

“A Smoke Detector Should Be Enough Protection.” 

There’s a distinct difference between smoke detectors and fire sprinklers. Smoke detectors merely provide a warning, whereas fire sprinklers physically extinguish a fire. Too often do we hear about smoke detectors failing to do their job due to dead batteries. If you want a reliable fire system that has the capabilities of saving lives and your facility, you should invest in a fire sprinkler for businesses. 

Fire Sprinkler For Businesses“Every Sprinkler Head Goes Off During A Fire.” 

Sure, every sprinkler head goes off in movies to add a dramatic effect to the scene, but that isn’t the case in real-life scenarios. Sprinkler heads are actually activated individually by temperatures greater than 155 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if a fire is started in one location, only the sprinkler heads close enough to that heat source will be activated. Studies have even shown that 82% of the fires that have occurred were controlled by two or fewer sprinkler heads!

“The Cost Is Too High To Install Fire Sprinklers” 

People often choose to use this excuse when the cost of installing fire sprinkler systems is too high and not mandated for their particular facility. While we understand that money plays a hefty role when considering additional expenses that are not required, it’s important to note that Fire & Life Systems are an investment that will keep your business and building occupants safe for years to come. Plus, installing sprinkler systems will ultimately lower your insurance premiums. 

“If My Building Doesn’t Require Sprinkler Systems, I Don’t Need Them” 

If there’s one thing we preach, it’s that everyone should be aware of the benefits that Fire & Life Safety systems can have on both building occupants and the future of businesses. Fire sprinkler systems are specifically designed to extinguish a fire before it’s able to spread and harm anyone in its path. Without these systems (and other fire systems) in place, there would be a much higher risk of injury in the workplace. 

The misconceptions above are simply a distraction from the inevitable good that comes from implementing these life-saving systems. If you’re ready to invest in a fire sprinkler for businesses, allow us the honor of being the ones to install it! Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

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