3 Reasons Your Business Needs Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring In 2020

The year is 2020 and your current system is no longer cutting it. Here are three reasons your business needs to make the switch to wireless fire alarm monitoring today.

1. Cost-Effective Installation 

Wireless Fire AlarmSwitching to wireless fire alarm monitoring systems can save your business money. Having to design and plan for wiring can be costly and tedious. Traditional phone lines also include a variety of expenses over time due to upkeep. If you didn’t know, copper phone lines are going away. If you didn’t know, current code requirements don’t allow for them to be the single method of communication anymore.

Fortunately, our alarm monitoring system, DynaNet, requires no cabling, trenching or wiring. Because of this, the process is quick, efficient and requires very little turnaround time! Not to mention, DynaNet maintains up to 8 paths of communication and is code compliant as a single method of communication.

2. More Flexibility 

Now that we got those costly outdated telephone wires out of the way, you can cancel your phone provider and all the bills, fees, taxes, and surcharges associated with them. If you are tired of dealing with multiple vendors for your Life Safety Systems, start by firing your phone company. DynaNet is capable of handling both the monitoring and communications for your fire alarm and elevators.

3. Better Protection 

Let’s not rely on outdated phone line services to ensure help is on the way when an emergency arises, shall we? Our wireless fire alarm monitoring system can offer you better protection than any system on the market. It’s 100% efficient and has been known for being the fastest for alerting authorities when only seconds count. You won’t want any other system on your side, trust us.

For more information about our wireless fire alarm monitoring method, contact us today! DynaNet is the cutting-edge monitoring system that offers the most reliable and quickest response available, and we think your business deserves to benefit from it too.

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