What We Do As A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

As a fire alarm monitoring company, it’s our job to provide innovative solutions to our clients to ensure they’re protected by the best Fire & Life Safety systems out there. Here’s how.

We Educate Our Clients About DynaNet 

Because our alarm monitoring system is a cutting-edge technology that can’t be found everywhere, there’s a learning curve that needs to be addressed when we communicate with potential prospects. If your business has a fire alarm to meet code, that’s one step in the right direction. If you don’t have monitoring from a fire alarm monitoring company for that fire alarm, that’s another code required for many types of businesses that should be considered by all business owners. 

In recent years, the most common form of alarm monitoring involves the use of cabling, phone lines, and cellular to operate the system. With tedious research and tests, we’ve found this to be an outdated approach that limits the communication between the alarm and the authorities during an emergency. This is why we chose to offer a 100% efficient alarm monitoring system with military applications in mind to provide our clients with the most reliable and quickest response available. This is when DynaNet was born! 

Our Licensed Technicians Install DynaNet 

As a fire alarm monitoring company, we provide all hands on deck during the entire time you work with us. We install initial fire alarm systems if you don’t have one already, our technicians will design and install DynaNet based on your property and we’ll monitor your system from then on.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Because there is no cabling, trenching, or wiring involved, the DynaNet installation process is a breeze that requires very little turnaround time. If your business has multiple locations across the state, we can also implement monitoring to those properties to ensure they’re being looked after, as well. 

We’re the Fire Alarm Monitoring Company For You 

As soon as DynaNet is embedded with your business, your property immediately becomes a receiver, transmitter, and repeater of other radio signals on our DynaNet radiofrequency. These signals are constantly being collected by the local Central Monitoring Station for signs of an emergency. Once a fire signal is detected, the station will alert the proper authorities in real-time to lessen the severity of a disaster. It’s that simple and that accurate! 

Our role as a fire alarm monitoring company is to provide the best system in the business. And with DynaNet, we do just that. For more information about our services, contact us today! We’d love to get in touch with you to ensure your business is being protected by a company that puts Fire & Life Safety first.

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