Why DynaFire Is The Answer For Fire Extinguisher Inspections

They may be small, but these red cylinders pack a powerful punch–when they’re working properly, that is. Ensuring that our clients have the best Fire & Life Safety systems in place is our main priority. Here’s why we’re the answer for your fire extinguisher inspections.

Fire extinguishers are one of several reliable tools that help to keep yourself, occupants, and the building protected in the event of an emergency. Having them work when you need them the most is dependent on having proper fire extinguisher inspections and testings. Trust us, you’ll enjoy several benefits when doing so, including more peace of mind when running your business.

Fire extinguisher inspections Whether it’s a small or large fire emergency, you’ll be glad that you’ve had them properly inspected on time so they’re ready at a moment’s notice. 

Now that you understand that fire extinguishers are critical for you and that getting them inspected is equally important for them, the only question is “Who is best equipped to inspect them?”

Here’s a snapshot of why we’re your best bet when it comes to your fire extinguisher inspections. 

  1. Our inspections, maintenance and repair services are completed as needed per NFPA 10 and manufacturer standards
  2. We’ll perform high and low-pressure hydrostatic testing of all fire extinguishers based on timelines
  3. We’ll update all commercial fire extinguisher signs, labels, and tags
  4. We’ll test exit and emergency lights and light batteries
  5. We’ll provide fire extinguisher insight and DIY best practices

Those are just five behind-the-scenes steps that pair with our fire extinguisher inspections; if you want to learn more about our capabilities in this area, click here.  

Additionally, two procedures you can expect from us when we conduct fire extinguisher inspections are annual maintenance appointments and hydrostatic testing inspections, or replacements every 5-12 years from your fire extinguisher’s manufacture date. 

We’re sure you have plenty of questions, and we understand that every business is different, from facilities and budgets to your property’s unique needs. We’re here to help you gain peace of mind providing you with the optimal Fire & Life Safety services available. Contact us today to inquire about our fire extinguisher inspections and additional protection services we can help you with.

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