4 Signs You May Need Our Fire Alarm System Services For A Repair

Is your fire alarm causing you concern? Here are four signs you may need to contact us for our Florida fire alarm system services.

1. Your Alarm System Is In Need Of Excessive Repairs

fire alarm servicesIf you’re having to contact us for repeat maintenance visits, that’s a sign that something is off with your system. When not treated in a timely manner, these repairs could turn into an imminent breakdown, which is why you need our fire alarm system services.

Just like any product of technology – cars, laptops, phones, etc. – your Fire & Life Safety equipment has an expiration date. 

If you know your system is aging, keep in mind that some parts may be harder to find. We’ll do our part to help keep your system healthy and give you ample heads up on any items that may need to be replaced so you can plan for it and avoid costly potential fines for your system not being code-compliant.

2. Your System Continues To Fail 

Another sign you may need our fire alarm system services is because of system failures. Studies show that fire departments respond to nearly 12 false alarm calls a day in the United States. If any part of your system is failing or not functioning properly, it’s crucial that you replace it ASAP. This will guarantee safety in your building and ensure your system stays up to code.

3. Your System Requires Parts That Are Difficult To Locate

It’s not uncommon for it to be difficult to find replacement parts when a fire alarm system is dated. Should that be the case, DynaFire will provide cost-effective options for system replacement. If you aren’t yet a client of ours, click here to become one so that we can ensure you have the best Fire & Life Safety systems in your possession.

4. Your Building Is Being Renovated

In today’s day and age, commercial buildings are constantly being renovated to meet modern needs and trends, and with that, comes the possibility of replacing some Fire & Life Safety equipment. Especially if you’re adding elevators or knocking down walls, you run the risk of adjusting your code requirements. Be sure to let us know this when inquiring about our fire alarm system services so that we can make sure you’re on the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)’s good side. 

For more information about our fire alarm system services, contact us today! Click here to schedule an appointment. 

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