Some FAQs We Receive After People Search For A ‘Fire Alarm Service Near Me’

Clients find us every day by searching for a ‘fire alarm service near me.’ Here are some of the questions we often receive.

Will You Service My Existing System If You Didn’t Install It? 

Absolutely! Our certified technicians are extremely knowledgeable about all major systems, regardless of the distributor. We don’t limit our fire alarm services to only the ones we installed because that would limit the number of businesses we’re able to help. Our goal has always been to build trust throughout the community and serve as a go-to resource for all Fire & Life Safety needs. So when you’re searching ‘fire alarm service near me,’ you know who to call.

Fire Alarm Service Near MeWhere Can I Get A Copy Of My Last NFPA 72 Inspection? 

When searching for a ‘fire alarm service near me’ to help you find your last NFPA 72 inspection, any company can guide you to your fire alarm log book where the information is required to be left. If DynaFire were to be the ones who performed the inspection, we also keep electronic copies for all of our clients in DynaLink, our online client portal that stores all information in one central location.

When you login to DynaLink, you can easily access your facility’s service history, keep track of your locations and assets, and obtain documents regarding your appointments. 

What Is Your Response Time For A Fire Alarm Service Near Me? 

We have a Same-Day, Next-Day guarantee. You can find more information on our website that includes the terms and exclusions regarding this guarantee. 

Can You Monitor My Fire Alarm System, As Well? 

Of course! Our wireless alarm monitoring system, DynaNet, was designed to provide a fault-tolerant, 100% efficient delivery system for security and alarms. The set-up is minimal and requires no cabling, wiring or trenching. Once one of our DynaFire technicians finishes the installation, your property will immediately be added to the DynaNet radio frequency, which will be monitored by a Central Monitoring Station that will alert the properties in real time. Needless to say, your property is safe with us! 

If you’re searching for a ‘fire alarm service near me,’ you’ve come to the right place. We’d be happy to be your go-to Fire & Life Safety resource. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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