How We Help Businesses Searching For Alarm Monitoring Services Near Me

There may be other ‘alarm monitoring services near me,’ but are they all 100% efficient? Here’s how we can help monitor your business for years to come.

Design & Installation 

First, we’ll need to determine your motive for searching ‘alarm monitoring near me’ and make sure you have the proper systems in place. Our alarm monitoring system, DynaNet, is designed to monitor both security and fire alarms, so whether you already have a current system or you’re interested in an update, we can handle both for you before we start the monitoring process. We can also handle any and all repairs at this time. 

Once your systems are up to code and ready to roll, one of our licensed technicians will install our wireless mesh network, DynaNet. Because our monitoring system was built with cutting-edge technology and military applications in mind, the installation process is non-invasive and seamless. There is no cabling, trenching or wiring involved, and no phone lines are included in the making of this magic. The set-up is minimal and requires very little turnaround time! 

Monitoring & Reacting 

Alarm Monitoring Services Near MeThe best part about choosing us for ‘alarm monitoring services near me?’ Once DynaNet is installed, your property immediately becomes a receiver, transmitter and repeater of other radio signals on the DynaNet radiofrequency. The significance of this feature is that all of these signals are collected by a Central Monitoring Station, which alerts the proper authorities in real-time to lessen the severity of a disaster. 

AKA- as soon as something seems suspicious at your property, DynaNet sends alarm signals between 1 and 3 seconds, compared to traditional methods that can take up to 45 seconds. We aren’t kidding when we say that our alarm monitoring system is 100% efficient and a must-have in every workplace environment. 

If it were up to us, we’d encourage people to search for ‘alarm monitoring services near me’ and jump on the DynaNet bandwagon today before the waitlist grows. We’re confident in our scalable, easy-to-manage system, and we can assure you that you will be too. Contact us today to set up an appointment to get DynaNet installed!

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