DynaFire wins the 2016 ACG Construction & Building Services SMART Award

Say that 5 times fast!

All of us here at DynaFire are honored to have won the 2016 ACG SMART Award for Construction and Building Services. What are the criteria for such an award? Well, being awesome is one of them but the actual conditions are based on “a middle-market company’s added value to Central Florida through outstanding accomplishments in corporate culture, growth, business creativity, and economic contribution.”  This award is probably one of our favorites to date because it highlights that the Core Values DynaFire lives by DO make a difference in the lives of our clients, community, and employees.

Corporate Awards are so often based on revenue, which obviously is important to all of us but to have one that highlights local businesses and what they bring to their community, that is a special thing to be a part of. Steven Hatch and Ken Hoffmann, our company owners, continue to believe that doing the right thing for clients and employees is what makes a business successful and thanks to ACG, we know they are right.

ACG SMART Award Finalist

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