Key Factors to Consider for Optimal Casselberry Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Your building’s fire sprinkler system may seem like a simple project, but it’s quite complex. Fortunately, our DynaFire team has the skills you need when it’s time for a Casselberry fire sprinkler system installation for your property.

Whether you’re planning new construction or working on a renovation project, don’t forget the fire sprinkler system. Florida code requires these systems for commercial properties, so your building inspector will give you a friendly reminder if you neglect to have one installed or sufficiently upgraded. 

The requirements in each region vary for different types of buildings. Multi-family residential buildings like condos, apartments, and dorms must often adhere to one set of regulations, while commercial buildings like offices and warehouses have other rules. If you’re not sure what type of system you need, that’s why we’re here! We can advise you on the best system for your facility while abiding by all applicable building codes and requirements.

DynaFire’s Deliverables

When you partner with us for your Casselberry fire sprinkler system installation, you will receive the ultimate in client satisfaction. It’s been our mission since 2004 to protect the lives and property of our clients with cutting-edge technology while maintaining valuable relationships. One of our Core Values is to let nothing interfere with what is right for the client. Here is how that translates into best-in-class fire sprinkler systems.

DesignCasselberry fire sprinkler system installation

Your building differs from every other building, and its fire sprinkler system should be unique. Our certified Casselberry fire sprinkler system installation designers will evaluate every square inch of your property and design a fire sprinkler system to match your needs. While you may only see a sprinkler head on the ceiling, we see the complex design hidden in the walls and above your head.


Part of the design process is determining what fire sprinkler system should be installed. The most common types are wet, dry, pre-action, and deluge.

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems – The pipes in wet sprinkler systems are constantly full of water. When heat from a fire reaches a glass bulb or fusible link in the sprinkler head, it will break and release water from that head. Not every sprinkler head will activate simultaneously; only ones impacted by heat will activate. 

Wet sprinkler systems are the most common and cost-effective but are not always the best option. A different system is a better choice if the facility’s temperature is not regulated and may become cold enough to freeze the water in the pipes.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems – Dry fire sprinkler systems work like wet fire sprinkler systems except that water does not stay in the pipes. Instead, it is held back behind a valve and is only released when heat breaks the glass bulb or fusible link in the sprinkler head.

Dry fire sprinkler systems work best in facilities that are not heated because there is no water in the pipes susceptible to freezing.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems – A pre-action fire sprinkler system is essentially a dry fire sprinkler system that requires multiple events to occur to activate a sprinkler head. This type of fire sprinkler system is a bit more complicated, and while we won’t bore you with the details here, know that we are well-versed in which facilities should be equipped with it. 

If a facility houses hazardous materials that would be damaged by water, minimizing the risk of accidental discharge is crucial. Pre-action systems minimize accidental discharge because they use a combination of heat, smoke, and flame.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems – As the name suggests, this type of system releases a large volume of water immediately after activation. It’s a good Casselberry fire sprinkler system installation choice for large facilities like airplane hangers or warehouses where fire can spread quickly and hazardous materials are on-site.

Partner With DynaFire For Your Fire Sprinkler System Installation

In Casselberry, fire sprinkler system installation is vital to your Fire & Life Safety strategy. Our NICET-certified technicians can design, install, test, and maintain the right fire sprinkler system for your property. Contact us today to discuss what type of fire sprinkler system will work best for your business.

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