What Winter Park Fire Extinguisher Inspections Should You Know About?

A fire extinguisher hanging on your office wall makes you feel safe, but will it work when needed? If our Winter Park fire extinguisher inspections team is on the case, it will!

Putting out fires since the 18th century, fire extinguishers are our first line of defense when a spark turns to flame. And when a microwave hot pocket starts a fire in the office breakroom, you’ll be glad your fire extinguisher has undergone regular inspections. Outside the kitchen, fire extinguishers provide a fire-fighting tool that allows people to egress from a burning building safely. 

You may never have to use yours, but you should be prepared in case you do. DynaFire is your fire extinguisher’s best friend because we keep them functioning at peak performance, ready to do their job at a moment’s notice. 

What Kinds Of Inspections Are Required For Fire Extinguishers?

Most fire extinguishers have little punch cards attached to them indicating when their last inspection took place. If you look closely at that card, you’ll see they should be inspected monthly. These monthly inspections can be handled by in-house staff and should ensure the following:

  • The fire extinguisher is in its designated location.
  • The fire extinguisher is visible.
  • If it is not highly visible, there is signage indicating where the fire extinguisher is located.
  • The fire extinguisher can be accessed easily.
  • The pressure gauge is working.
  • The fire extinguisher is full.

The National Fire Protection Association requires that records are kept of the month and year of each inspection and the individual who performed it.

How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Professionally Inspected?Winter Park fire extinguisher inspections

In addition to monthly inspections that an office staff member can perform, your fire extinguishers should be inspected by a certified fire extinguisher inspector regularly, according to the following schedule.

Annual Inspections

Annual Winter Park fire extinguisher inspections include a thorough examination to determine if physical damage or condition will prevent proper operation. This yearly inspection involves testing all physical parts of the fire extinguisher to ensure it is structurally sound and functioning correctly. If any repair or replacement is necessary, DynaFire staff can take care of that for you.

Six-Year Inspections

Every six years from the manufacturer date, your fire extinguisher must undergo an extensive inspection that includes:

  • Discharge of existing dry chemical powder.
  • Replacement of valve stem and O-rings.
  • Refilling of ABC dry chemical and nitrogen to the manufacturer’s recommended weight.
  • Leak testing using a soap and water mixture.
  • Compliance sticker and inspection tag.

5 & 12-Year Inspections

Fire extinguishers must undergo hydrostatic testing every 5 and 12 years to stay in safe working condition. A hydrostatic test involves:

  • Cylinder discharge
  • Pressure test using water expansion
  • Cylinder refill
  • Leak test
  • Compliance sticker or stamp

If a fire extinguisher does not pass the hydrostatic test, it may be able to be repaired, or it may need to be retired. Most fire extinguishers can last 10-12 years or more with proper maintenance.

Who Can Perform Winter Park Fire Extinguisher Inspections?

Monthly tests can be handled by in-house personnel, but a certified fire extinguisher service provider like DynaFire must perform the more extensive annual, six-year, and 12-year inspections. (We can handle monthly checks for our clients too!) 

The best way to keep your fire extinguishers on a regular testing schedule is to set up your appointments so you’ll never have to worry if your fire extinguishers will work next time there’s a hot pocket incident.

DynaFire Is Here For You!

Winter Park fire extinguisher inspections are one of many services we offer to keep our customers and their property safe. We love to talk shop, so contact us to discuss your Fire & Life Safety needs today!

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