3 Things You Might Not Expect From Your Melbourne Fire Alarm Inspection

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about a Melbourne fire alarm inspection, keep reading – we’ll prove you wrong. 


DynaFire is a full-service fire inspection company, and our NICET-certified technicians are able to provide mandatory testing and inspections to all of our clients’ essential fire protection systems. You need regular inspections to keep your building compliant with NFPA code, so if you aren’t sure when your last Melbourne fire alarm inspection was, give us a call today and we’ll get you back on track.


Three Things You Might Not Expect from Your Melbourne Fire Alarm Inspection


This is Just a Test 

Before our technicians begin testing your fire alarm system, they will place the system in test mode and notify both the Central Monitoring Station and the fire department. This is to inform the other parties of the testing and inspection that is in progress so that no one responds to any false alarms. 


Once your Melbourne fire alarm inspection concludes, the system will be taken off of test mode so that any future alarms (which we hope never need to happen!) will be responded to. 


It Can Get Loud

While our technicians will mute any alarms for most of your fire alarm inspection, they will need the alarm to be audible some of the time. This is to make sure that the alarms are working properly and can be heard from every room in your building. 


The technicians will also check that any visual signals, such as strobe lights, are visible when the alarm system is activated. We will work with you to plan the audible portion of your Melbourne fire alarm inspection so it creates as little disruption as possible to the building occupants.


You Get Access to DynaLink

When your Melbourne fire alarm inspection is over, you will get a full report, as well as other documentation that you need to keep on hand. If you’re naturally inclined to lose things, don’t worry, Fire & Life Safety solutions aren’t the only thing we’re great at – we can keep you organized too.


All of our clients have access to DynaLink, which is our online client portal. DynaLink keeps everything you need exactly where you need it, including:

  • Service historyMelbourne Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Job types
  • Project quotes
  • Testing and inspection documentation
  • And more


If you own multiple properties, DynaLink allows you to manage several business locations and puts everything you need right at your fingertips. 


You Need DynaFire – But Don’t Take Our Word For It

If you weren’t completely convinced by now that you need us for all of your Fire & Life Safety needs, just take a few minutes to check out our stellar client reviews, like this recent testimonial from Stephen F.:


“I’ve been using DynaFire for the past 5 years, they have excellent customer service and their technicians are extremely polite and professional. Life safety is not a concern for me with DynaFire monitoring and fire services. I have saved a substantial amount of money using this company. Highly recommended.”

Contact us today to schedule your Melbourne fire alarm inspection, or any of the other excellent fire protection services we have to offer. We look forward to working with you!

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