Three Signs You Need Daytona Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Looking for Daytona fire extinguisher servicing? DynaFire has just what you need to keep your property and its occupants safe.


While we think a fire extinguisher is one of the best things you could possibly hang on a wall, it’s more than just a highly-fashionable accessory. It has to operate exactly how it is intended to in an emergency situation. DynaFire offers Daytona fire extinguisher servicing to ensure that your extinguisher is ready when you need it.


In this blog, we will discuss three of the signs that you need us on your property to care for your fire extinguishers. If you can’t wait a moment longer, give us a call today!


Three Signs You Need Daytona Fire Extinguisher Servicing


It’s Been A While Since Your Last Inspection

In accordance with OSHA regulations, fire extinguishers in the workplace need to be routinely inspected. Employers should perform a visual inspection at least monthly, to ensure that:

  • The fire extinguisher is in its proper location
  • The fire extinguisher is not damaged
  • Nothing is blocking access to the fire extinguisher
  • The fire extinguisher is fully charged


While these monthly inspections can be handled in-house, you can always have DynaFire take care of them too.


On the other hand, your annual fire extinguisher inspection needs to be conducted by a Fire & Life Safety professional (and we’re the best of the best). When your fire extinguisher has passed the annual maintenance inspection, we will note the date on the tag attached to the extinguisher. Depending on the equipment type, your extinguisher may also require 5, 6, or 12-year testing as well. 


You’ve Noticed Damage to Your Fire Extinguisher

If you have started to see some signs of wear and tear or damage on your fire extinguisher, there’s a strong possibility that you need Daytona fire extinguisher servicing. Physical damage like corrosion, dents, or leaks mean that your extinguisher needs to be replaced. If the pin on the handle is broken or missing, or if the hose is damaged or cracked, your fire extinguisher is no longer suitable for use. 


Your Fire Extinguisher is Losing Pressure

Your fire extinguisher has a gauge attached to it to indicate that it has a sufficient amount of pressure to operate correctly. If you notice that theDaytona Fire Extinguisher Servicing needle on the gauge has fallen to the “Recharge” level or has increased to “Over Pressurized Range,” you need to have it inspected by one of our NICET-certified technicians.


While the contents of your extinguisher are not harmful, a leak will cause the extinguisher not to work in an emergency. Sometimes the fire extinguisher just needs to be recharged, but more often than not there is an underlying problem that is causing the leak – such as a bad valve or seal in the extinguisher. In this situation, the extinguisher would need to be replaced


DynaFire Has The Services You Need

When it’s time for your Daytona fire extinguisher servicing appointment, DynaFire is here with the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about the Fire & Life Safety solutions we provide.

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