Do You Have a Leaking Fire Sprinkler Head? Here’s What You Should Do

A leaking fire sprinkler head is not only a nuisance but avoiding an inspection may only cause costly procedures in the long run. Catching minor issues before they become major is key to saving you money and maintaining the functions of your business.


Why Is The Fire Sprinkler Head Leaking?

After initially becoming aware of the problem, next it’s important to begin troubleshooting the cause of the leak. To help in that process, we outlined a couple potential causes here:  


Based on the materials sprinkler heads are made with, they tend to corrode over time if there is no corrosion control program in place. Corrosion control programs usually are internal. There are different types of sprinkler systems so it is important that our technicians determine which one your business has installed in order to find the right repair and maintenance strategy. Regular inspections are a way to get ahead of this problem from snowballing into one more severe. Usually, the pipe corroding causes leaks, corrosion on the sprinkler head could cause it to not activate in a fire because of sealing the seat to the frame. 

Equipment Failure 

Although not ideal, manufacturer defaults and outlying circumstances can cause unforeseen equipment failures that can cause leaks. These are not only hard to identify but can be avoided, which is why we’ve built in a maintenance component of our solutions model. 

Monitoring the equipment’s functionality and efficiency has proven to be the best way we can get ahead of failures when their reliability is most needed. Most equipment failures come from installation mishaps like overly tight fittings and improper installations procedures, which are two problems our experienced technicians are trained to avoid. The fittings can crack when tightened too much or the threads on the pipe are too shallow. Many times, we see cracked fittings where the sprinkler head inserts because it was overtightened. 

Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Although all of the above involve some type of damage, this also describes any bent sprinkler heads, a missing element to the head (if the element is missing, water is flowing, unless the system is shut off), or a loss of fluid in the glass bulb heat-response element. Specific damages can cause greater leaks than others, but regardless early detection is the best way to avoid threatening damage. Our trained inspectors can spot damage with the potential to leak that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. 

Leaking fire sprinkler headDoes The Leaking Fire Sprinkler Head Need Repair or Replacement? 

Alright, so at this point, we know there’s a leak and we have started troubleshooting the “how” and “why” of it. Now, let’s work through the “what now,” where we gladly come in to offer our expertise and services. 

Take all of the above into consideration and contact us. We have an excellent team waiting to walk you through the steps to determine when you discovered a leaking fire sprinkler head and what we can do to prevent this problem from happening again. Schedule an inspection today!

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