Why To Choose DynaFire To Service Your Commercial Fire Alarm Orlando

Because this service is required by code, the chances of you finding a company for a ‘commercial fire alarm Orlando’ is likely. We’re sharing why you should choose DynaFire as your provider.

Despite offering services for a ‘commercial fire alarm Orlando,’ we’re known for much more. Here’s our story:

Our History 

Since 2004, we’ve been in the market with the solitary mission of providing alarm system solutions to commercial facilities across the state of Florida. Early on, we developed a reputation quickly as a designer and constructor of complex fire alarm systems. With just two employees and one office location, we were working tirelessly to provide quality products to as many commercial buildings as we could. 

After four years of building our business and growing our team, we began to expand our services beyond the typical inquiry of a ‘commercial fire alarm Orlando.’ Our Service Department was then created to offer monitoring, test and inspection services, and eventually, our variety of commercial fire systems. Today, we employ over 250 people and have 7 offices across the state. Our history in the market has led us to become industry leaders that have helped businesses all over Florida with their Fire & Life Safety protocols. 

Our Innovation 

In line with DynaFire’s standard of high-level service and skill, we sought out to provide new and existing clients with a better form of monitoring. Built with military applications in mind, we developed a 100% efficient monitoring system that involved cutting-edge technology and was tested and approved to the highest standards. 

This led to the inception of DynaNet, our wireless fire-monitoring system that sends alarm signals between 1-3 seconds after a crisis is alerted, whereas traditional methods can take up to 45 seconds. Three years into developing the network, AES claimed we had built the largest fire alarm-only network in the nation. That being said, if you’re searching for a ‘commercial fire alarm Orlando,’ it would be in your building’s best interest to invest in DynaNet, as well. 

Our Portfolio 

Commercial Fire Alarm OrlandoWe have designed, installed and managed systems for hundreds of thousands of clients over time. Although each project is completely customizable to fit your building’s unique needs and code requirements, click here to get an idea of our extensive capabilities and learn the kind of facilities we’ve helped in past experiences. 

If you found us by searching for a ‘commercial fire alarm Orlando,’ we’d love to be of service to you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help maintain your Fire & Life Safety procedures. 

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