Get Better Signal with a Florida Bi-Directional Amplifier

Not only does a Florida bi-directional amplifier boost the radio signals in your building, you may actually be required to install one. Read on to learn more about how this system works, and what regulations might apply to your property.


Florida Bi-Directional AmplifierYou’ve probably splashed coffee on your clean shirt on your way to work, or had to live through a construction crew that decided to start jackhammering at 7:30AM on a Saturday morning. And while these things may have been frustrating, there is nothing worse than losing signal when you’re trying to communicate with someone, especially in an emergency situation. That’s when good communication is absolutely critical, and that’s where a Florida bi-directional amplifier, or BDA system comes in.


How A BDA System Enhances Your Signal

Depending on the location of your nearest public safety radio repeater, some parts of your building may have better radio signals than others. Signal strength is affected by things like nearby buildings, cement walls, trees, and other obstructions. 


This means that areas of the building like interior rooms or basements might have particularly bad reception. You could try standing on the roof and waving your radio around to get some reception, but we have a better option for you.


A Florida bi-directional amplifier will pick up radio signals through an antenna installed on your building. This signal is then amplified and distributed throughout the building by a series of smaller antennas, which are connected by a system of coaxial cables. These systems are fully customizable to the band ranges that the radio systems in your public safety jurisdiction use.


And don’t worry, we’ll hide all those wires. You don’t want your building looking like that tangled mess behind your desk.


What Buildings Are Required To Have BDA Systems?

BDA systems are required in buildings that fall under Florida Fire Prevention Code, so any building that is inspected and identified under local ordinances, or buildings that are required to be permitted, will need to have a Florida bi-directional amplifier installed


Existing buildings in Florida that do not currently have a BDA system installed have until January 1st, 2022 to be in compliance with state code requirements.


Some of the properties that fall in to this category include:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Convention centersFlorida Bi-Directional Amplifier
  • Athletic stadiums and arenas
  • Hotels
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Academic campuses
  • Hospitals and residential care facilities
  • And more!


Who Can Install A Florida Bi-Directional Amplifier?

We wanted to be subtle, but we hope it’s clear that DynaFire is the choice for your BDA system installation, or really any of your Fire & Life Safety system monitoring, inspection, and maintenance needs.


Codes and regulations can be complex and difficult to understand if you aren’t used to referring to them every day. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and so it’s second nature at this point. Not only do we have the know-how to keep your building compliant with local requirements, we’re told we have some excellent customer service too. Just ask Doug T., who says:


It has been a pleasure to work with Dynafire, Inc. through the last 10+ years. When it comes to life safety and security systems, I have not found a more professional contractor who provides such a high level of quality and responsiveness as the team at Dynafire. They have numerous times been instrumental in the successful and timely competition of many of my most important commercial and industrial projects. I consider them in many ways, a partner in the industry and look forward to many years working with them on future opportunities.”


We’re not sure that anything else we say could top that. So if you’re ready to get your Florida bi-directional amplifier, or really any of the other great products and services we offer, give us a call today!

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