3 Signs You’re Searching For A Fire Alarm Repair Orlando

If you’re experiencing any of the following, you may be in need of a ‘fire alarm repair Orlando.’ Take a look at these three signs and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Your System Is Old

Fire Alarm Repair Orlando As with anything, the longer you have your fire protection systems in place, the more outdated they become. Our industry continues to design innovative Fire & Life Safety solutions that businesses are investing in in order to have the best possible protection. This isn’t to say that your current system doesn’t have all the necessary features, but technology is evolving and so are commercial fire alarms.  

If you’re looking for a ‘fire alarm repair Orlando,’ it could be because your current fire alarm system is no longer working efficiently. Corrosion, electronics fatigue, and degradation inevitably happen over time and can cause your fire alarm system to activate more often than previously. In this case, we would most likely suggest a service call to search for a more permanent solution than what your current provider has been doing.

DynaFire actively searches for lasting solutions instead of perpetually replacing the same parts, only to arrive at the same place, over and over again.

False Alarms 

Sometimes, your fire alarm system is being activated when no real danger is discovered, a false alarm or false activation. There are few reasons this could be happening, a couple are: 

1) Air is getting trapped in your fire sprinkler system – this causes the system to react differently to expansion and contraction during hot and cold periods and if your system is not calibrated properly, water may move enough to activate a waterflow switch. 

2) Your smoke detectors may be filled with dust particles that resemble smoke in the sensing chamber, in turn, causing a false alarm activation.  

Either way, it would be in your best interest to notify one of our experienced technicians to take a look. We understand that a tripped alarm is unsettling for everyone involved and we’ll do what we can to ensure it doesn’t happen again! 

Let us properly drain and refill your sprinkler system to remove air pockets and let us clean your smoke detectors. In fact, if DynaFire becomes the company you turn to for your Test and Inspections, we will clean your Smoke Detectors annually at no additional charge, almost eliminating the threat of dust-related activations.

Defective Parts 

There are many working parts involved in a properly functioning fire alarm system. One reason you might be searching for a ‘​fire alarm​ repair Orlando’ is because you experienced damaged wire or wet devices. Both of these concerns can create power problems and, in turn, cause a trouble activation or false alarm. Defective or low batteries can also play a role in requiring repair. Allow a DynaFire technician to inspect your system and offer a solution that they feel will remedy the situation and best protect your facility.  

Contact Us Today For A Fire Alarm Repair Orlando

As always, we’re open and willing to help you prioritize Fire & Life Safety in the workplace. ​Contact us​ today to schedule an appointment for a ‘fire alarm repair Orlando.’


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