How Often Do You Need Daytona Fire Extinguisher Inspection? Commercial Fire Extinguisher FAQs

Daytona fire extinguisher inspection from DynaFire keeps your fire extinguishers in great shape and ready for use – which is exactly how you need them to be. 

If you already have your Daytona fire extinguisher inspection scheduled, you’re one step closer to keeping your commercial property protected from the threat of a fire. But, this isn’t a one-and-done kind of deal. Your fire extinguisher needs to be regularly inspected by a trained professional to ensure it’s safe and available for use in an emergency. In this blog, we’re sharing a little knowledge about these fire protection tools. 

Your Commercial Fire Extinguisher Questions Answered

How Often Does Your Fire Extinguisher Need To Be Inspected?

If they’re present on a commercial property, fire extinguishers usually need to be inspected and maintained by a certified professional annually. Our DynaFire technicians check for:

  • Obvious physical damage like dents or cracks
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Pressure levels
  • Evidence of use
  • And more

During your annual Daytona fire extinguisher inspection, we’ll check that the extinguishers that you have on your property are the proper type for the location, and we’ll ensure that there are no active recalls for the extinguisher. We’ll also find out if your extinguisher needs to be hydrostatically tested, and (protip) we can do that too. After we’re done, we’ll note the time and date of the inspection, as well as the technician who conducted the inspection. There’s nothing our technicians love more than to really get to know a great fire extinguisher – and that’s why they’re on the DynaFire Team.

When Should A Fire Extinguisher Be Used?

While the obvious answer to this question might seem to be, “During a fire,” it’s not quite that simple. The employees and occupants of your commercial property should be able to assess the risk of a situation before reaching for the closest extinguisher. There are some quick questions that you can ask yourself to determine whether or not an extinguisher is the best option for your situation. 

Is the fire small and not rapidly growing?

Fire extinguishers are designed to put out small fires. The chemical agent inside the extinguisher travels approximately 5 to 20 feet depending on the type of extinguisher, and the agent is usually completely dispersed in a matter of seconds. 

Do you know how to use an extinguisher?Daytona Fire Extinguisher Inspection

We’ve all crammed for a test at the last minute, but a fire emergency is not the time to learn how to operate a fire extinguisher for the first time. 

Did you already call the fire department?

Just like calling 911 before helping someone who’s injured, you need to call the fire department (or ensure that they’ve been notified) before taking any action to extinguish a fire. 

How’s the air quality?

While the heat that’s caused by fires may seem like your biggest concern, burns are not the primary cause of death or injury from fires – it’s smoke inhalation. If the fire is producing thick smoke that’s rapidly filling the room, you should evacuate immediately. 

Can I evacuate?

If there’s a clear path to exit the area after you’ve finished using the extinguisher and all of the other conditions are met, it’s usually safe to use your fire extinguisher. 

Your Fire Extinguisher Needs To Be Ready For Anything. DynaFire Can Help

Our fire extinguisher services, like Daytona fire extinguisher inspection, keep your extinguishers operational. In an emergency, you need the confidence that you can rely on your fire protection equipment, and that’s what we’re here for. Contact us today to discuss the Fire & Life Safety solutions that meet your needs.

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