4 Signs You Need A Miami Emergency Responder Radio Communication System

During an emergency, clear communication is critical. Check out these signs to see if your building needs a Miami emergency responder radio communication system.

Before we get to the signs you may need a Miami emergency responder radio communication system, let’s talk about what this lengthy term refers to. It’s basically a network of amplifiers that bounces signals throughout a structure. This allows a signal to get from point A to point J, using points B through I to help the signal along. Why might you need it for your building? Now we can get to the list.

Your Building Is Large (Enough)

Florida law states that if a commercial structure is at least three stories tall and 50,000 square feet, it must have an ERRCS installed (isn’t that easier than spelling out emergency responder radio communication system every time?). 

Why does the size of the building make a difference? Great question. It has to do with the building materials and the fact that radio signals have a tough time going through materials like concrete, metal, low-E glass, and wood. And the larger your building, the more materials (walls, ceilings, floors) there are for an emergency signal to get through.

Your Building Has A Basement Or Below-Ground Floor

Structures with an underground level like a parking garage or subterranean office space need an ERRCS. We’re pretty sure the Bat Cave has one. Why is that? Because radio signals need help to get to underground spaces for the same reasons as stated above, plus they have to travel through the earth.

Your Building Needs To Be Brought Up To Code

If your building is new construction, it should already have an ERRCS built in. And if your building is older, you may have a plan to install an ERRCS if you haven’t already.

Apartment buildings, for example, should have been brought up to code by January 2022 according to a 2019 Florida legislative code. Check with your authority having jurisdiction to see when your building needs to be compliant with ERRCS codes.

Your Building Does Not Have A Clear Sight Line To A Wireless Tower

Although wireless communication used by first responders continues to improve over time, it helps facilitate emergency communication if you are physically near a wireless tower. If other buildings are in between the tower and your building, it could slow down critical communication in an emergency. Here is where a Miami emergency responder radio communication system is necessary.

How Does An ERRCS Work?Miami emergency responder radio communication system

Now that you’ve determined that your building needs an ERRCS installed, it’s time to contact a Fire & Life Safety company like DynaFire for a consultation. Our certified technicians can install a Bi-Directional Amplifier, or BDA, that will help an emergency communications signal reach all areas of your building. 

A BDA system will allow first responders such as firefighters, police officers, and paramedics to effectively communicate with each other to do their jobs and keep your employees safe.

What Makes DynaFire Different?

Our mission at DynaFire is keeping our community safe. We’ve been in the business of Fire & Life Safety for over 18 years and we work tirelessly to improve our systems and provide our clients with the best possible safety options. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

  • On-site evaluation of your Fire & Life Safety needs by our FCC GROL certified team – We know that in order to meet your safety needs, we need to get eyes on your space.
  • Custom design and installation of your BDA system – Every customer and every building is unique; we work to suit your particular needs.
  • Compliance with all government mandates and codes – Our team is always current on what codes are applicable to each structure.
  • Maintenance and Test & Inspection services to ensure your BDA system continuously works properly – We offer services beyond installation.

If you think you need a Miami emergency responder radio communication system, or have any questions about how to keep your building and your employees safe, contact our team at DynaFire today. We look forward to helping you with all of your Fire & Life Safety needs.

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