The Pros of Using Fire Extinguisher Companies

There are several benefits of using fire extinguisher companies to ensure that your business and Fire & Life Safety products are code compliant. Here’s why you should consider using a trusted fire extinguisher company.

Fire Extinguisher Companies Can Keep Your Business Safe

The right fire extinguisher company will ensure that your fire extinguishers are properly tested and thoroughly inspected. Knowing that your fire extinguishers are in good working condition will ease your worries. At DynaFire, we know that having a functioning fire extinguisher can mean the difference between life and death. 


If you need a commercial fire extinguisher inspection, contact DynaFire to schedule a time for us to come out and inspect your fire extinguishers. Not to fan our own flames, but we’ve been providing Fire & Life Safety solutions to commercial facilities in the Central Florida area for over 16 years


Fire Extinguisher Companies Know What To Check For

At DynaFire, we have yet to come across anyone who enjoyed catching fire – unless we’re talking about bestselling author Suzanne Collins’ sequel to “The Hunger Games.” As a full-service fire inspection company, we know what to look for when inspecting your fire extinguishers.


We’ve been doing this a long time, and over the years, we have serviced many different brands of equipment. All our technicians are trained to properly inspect any and all fire extinguishers. Our high-level training and extensive knowledge of fire extinguishers make us the best vendor for all your Fire & Life Safety needs. We’re well versed on the mandates put in place by the NFPA to ensure code compliance and safety throughout your property.

Fire Extinguisher Companies Have Knowledgeable Technicians

Another pro of using a fire extinguisher company is that you can expect to get experienced and knowledgeable technicians. DynaFire has been around since 2004, and is committed to the consistent training and education of our employees on federal, state, and local codes. 


When searching for fire extinguisher companies, ask the company if they have won any awards or have any client testimonials. Reading what past and current clients have to say about working with a company is helpful when trying to decide on who to hire for your business needs. 

In 2020, DynaFire was honored to accept two awards at the Notifier by Honeywell Digital Conference, recognizing our accomplishments as a leader in the Fire & Life Safety industry.

  • 2020 Notifier Distributor of the Year 
  • 2020 Muti-Million Dollar Award 


If you have any questions about our fire extinguisher services, contact us today! We would love to help ensure the safety of your business, employees and customers.

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