The Fire Protection Services Your Business Needs

When it comes to protecting your business, there is no such thing as “too safe” – unless you’re thinking of wrapping everything in bubble wrap. Don’t wrap everything in bubble wrap. Just call us – we provide code-compliant and reliable fire protection services as a top priority so you can focus on running your business.

As your one-stop, full-service Fire & Life Safety partner, we provide the necessary fire protection services and solutions to protect your space and the people in it. 

FM-200 Suppression Systems, FM200 Gas Flooding System, Gas Suppression System in Data Center Room

The Services We Offer

Certification, attention to detail, and superior customer service are qualities you can expect from our team of trained technicians to bring to any service we provide. As we grew from 2004 to the company we are today, our fire protection services have evolved. We now provide: 

  • Design – we provide custom solutions for your business in AHJ compliance. 
  • Installation –  we provide the construction of your solution in compliance, within the timeframe, and at our agreed budget. 
  • Inspection – our NICET trained technicians inspect any brand of equipment. 
  • MonitoringDynaNet is our end-to-end fault-tolerant and custom-designed monitoring system. Can’t you tell we’re proud of it? 
  • Maintenance – our team of NICET trained technicians is only a call away, 24-hours a day.


If you aren’t sure where your business stands in code compliance, give us a call. Our team will find the right fire protection services to meet your business’s needs. 


Our Fire Protection Solutions 

Within the range of fire protection services we provide, we are sure to find the right solution to meet your business’s Fire & Life Safety needs. We’re committed to finding the best solutions for your commercial building, and our technicians know where to look. Extensive training and meticulous attention to detail pay off; especially when we read feedback like this: 


“I have worked with

 DynaFire for company needs and I have been rather impressed. Their customer service is amazing and I have never had a complaint when it comes to their service. There is a great deal of professionalism and I would recommend them for any of your needs.” – T. D. 


The solutions we can provide within our Fire & Life Safety services are: 

FM-200 Suppression Systems, FM200 Gas Flooding System, Gas Suppression System in Data Center Room

Your specific business may not need all of our fire protection services at once, but ensuring that you’re in proper code compliance and that your systems are correctly operating are essential to your Fire & Life Safety. Give our technicians a call today to walk through the fire protection services that are right for your business.

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