Tampa Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service Options For Your Property

Tampa commercial fire extinguisher service from DynaFire is the best way to make sure that your property’s fire extinguishers are well-maintained and functioning. Here’s what we offer and what you can expect from your favorite local Fire & Life Safety company.


The purpose of your portable fire extinguisher is to put out small fires, or at least contain them until emergency personnel arrive. Almost all commercial properties require the presence of fire extinguishers, and proper maintenance and inspection is required by NFPA code. DynaFire makes following state and local regulations so easy you (almost) don’t have to lift a finger – but you will need to pick up your phone to call DynaFire. Here’s why you need us for your Tampa commercial fire extinguisher service.


Why You Need To Care For Your Fire Extinguishers

According to FEMA, 93% of fire related deaths and 95% of all direct property damage occurs after a fire has progressed beyond early stages. Since a fire extinguisher is most effective against a fire when it first ignites, it’s not much help unless it is easily accessible, easily located, and the right extinguisher for the job. 


Fires are categorized into five classifications

  • Class A fires are caused by ordinary combustibles like paper or wood
  • Class B fires are caused by flammable liquids like gas, oil, or paint
  • Class C fires are caused by live electrical equipment
  • Class D fires are caused by combustible metals
  • Class K fires are caused by commercial cooking equipment, such as deep frying oil and animal fats


ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers are the most common, and are designed to extinguish Class A, B, or C fires. Yeah, we thought the name was really creative the first time we heard it too. 


The good news for you is that our Tampa commercial fire extinguisher service can provide you with the appropriate inspection and maintenance solutions, no matter the extinguishers your property uses.


What Tampa Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service Is Right For You?

The answer to this question depends on where your fire extinguisher is in its lifespan and how long it has been since your last inspection. We provide annual inspections as well as in-depth testing and maintenance every five years. Additionally, any fire extinguishers that require hydrostatic testing are pressure tested to ensure proper strength per NFPA 10 standards.


Why Choose DynaFire?

Not only are our technicians NICET-certified, but we provide the very best Tampa commercial fire extinguisher service you’ve ever seen, hands down. Not only can we inspect and maintain your extinguishers, we can provide you with a variety of other Fire & Life Safety services, including:


Not only do we love what we do, our clients love us too. David C. says:


“They are absolutely the best priced extinguisher inspection company out there and they charge exactly what they agree to on the proposal they send to you. I will definitely use them again next year or in the meantime on anything they offer that my business may use.”

Don’t wait another minute to get the Tampa commercial fire extinguisher service that you’ve been dreaming of. Fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us today.

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