Is Your Tampa Annual Fire Alarm Inspection Coming Up? Here’s Some Tips On How To Prepare

If your Tampa annual fire alarm inspection has snuck up on you, don’t panic. Here are 4 things you can do to prepare for your inspection, even if you waited ‘til the last minute.


Is it that time of year already? It’s time for your Tampa annual fire alarm inspection. If preparing for your inspection has been something that you’ve been putting off, kind of like that 5K you keep telling yourself you’ll do, then have no fear… DynaFire is here. 


We may not be able to help you become the next Usain Bolt, but we can absolutely get you ready for a fire alarm inspection – and do the inspection too! Per NFPA code 72, your inspection must be done by a trained and certified fire professional, and that’s us


The Low-Down on Your Tampa Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

When DynaFire comes to your property to conduct a mandatory fire alarm inspection, you’ll meet one of our NICET certified technicians. We provide inspections to any commercial fire system; and while we might have forgotten to feed the cat that one time, we never forget the NFPA standards that keep your building up to code. 


Before the inspection begins, you’ll want to notify any of your building occupants. We don’t want anyone to think that any alarms going off are signalling for an actual fire. Our technicians will gather any necessary information from you before the inspections. We’ll usually want any documentation related to your fire system, copies of prior inspections, and similar paperwork. 


Here’s a tip – When you use DynaFire for your Tampa annual fire alarm inspection, you get access to DynaLink, our client portal. This means you have access to the service history of anything we worked on in your building, job types, and can even manage multiple business locations. Even better, you’ll have the information you might want for your inspection there when you need it. Tampa annual fire alarm inspection


Once we’re done with all the paperwork, our technicians will begin testing your system. We ensure that all audio and visual devices are working, the detection devices like smoke or heat detectors are operational, and there are no signs of damage. When we’ve checked all the boxes, we will come back to you and go over our findings, and you’ll receive a copy of your Tampa annual fire alarm inspection report for your records. Or to frame and hang on your wall, we won’t judge.


We’re proud of the work we do, and our great client reviews reflect that. Here’s a recent review from Sue H.


“As a manager of commercial properties, it’s so important to have service providers you trust.  DynaFire has proven time and again they have our best interest in mind.  They were the leader in wireless technology resulting in reduced costs to our properties.  The DynaFire team is exceptional.”


Thanks, Sue! 

If you’re ready to join the ranks of happy clients, and get prepared for your Tampa annual fire alarm inspection, contact us today. You can call us, or fill out our online contact form. We’re looking forward to getting your property in shape!

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