Everything You Need to Know About Orlando Waterless Fire Suppression

We know the title is “Everything You Need to Know About Orlando Waterless Fire Suppression” but it would literally take months for us to share all that knowledge. So we stuck with the highlights this time around.


In the event of a fire, your first line of defense needs to be both an exceptional product and the right choice for your property. Thankfully, Orlando waterless fire suppression exists, and DynaFire has all the systems you could ask for. Here’s a quick guide to one of our waterless fire suppression options. 


What is Waterless Clean Agent Fire Suppression?

Waterless clean agent fire suppression is the use of inert gases to extinguish fires. These substances are regulated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the full system usually includes:

  • Chemical agent
  • Agent storage containers
  • Release valves
  • A fire detection system
  • Agent delivery piping
  • Dispersion nozzles


The Advantages of Waterless Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Using an Orlando waterless fire suppression system allows your business to protect high-value property like computers, software, and IT equipment that would normally be destroyed by a water sprinkler system or similar fire safety solution. If you have important documents or equipment on your property, this system is an ideal option.


A waterless clean agent fire suppression system has the added benefit of reducing business down time as well. With this system, there is no residue to cause damage to equipment or result in expensive cleanup. You won’t be spending days restoring your property, as this system allows for an almost immediate return to normal business activity.


Who Should Use A Waterless Fire Suppression System?

The following property types commonly use Orlando waterless fire suppression systems:

  • MuseumsOrlando Waterless Fire Suppression
  • Data centers
  • Archives
  • Power plants
  • Control rooms


Who Can Install A Waterless Fire Suppression System?

We don’t know about you, but we would definitely choose a company that is obsessed with Fire & Life Safety to install our Orlando waterless fire suppression system. And who else would this be other than DynaFire? But you don’t have to just take our word for it – here’s a recent comment from one of our clients:


Brandon C. says “Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with DynaFire on several of our projects. I have always found the team at DynaFire to be very professional and take great pride in their work.

As a project manager, I interact with many suppliers and subcontractors every day, and it is refreshing to work with a team that is truly dedicated and “on top of it” as is DynaFire. From bid, to submittals, to finished product, DynaFire would be an asset to any project that values professionalism and has pride in delivering a first-rate product from start to finish.”

If that doesn’t have you convinced, be sure to check out our testimonials page for more love from our biggest fans. And if you’re ready to get your waterless fire suppression system installed, contact DynaFire today!

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