Everything You Need To Know About Orlando Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

When was the last time you gave your fire extinguisher some TLC? Just because it’s not currently in use doesn’t mean that it can’t deplete over time. Here are some important things to know in regards to your Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance.


Technician Inspection 

One of our services consists of providing the community with Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance. We have three different categories of inspections that we recommend doing regularly: Once a year, every 6 years, and 5 & 12-year hydrostatic testing. 

  1. Annual Extinguisher Maintenance – This service gives you complete assurance that your fire extinguisher is prepared to properly function should the need arise for it. If there are repairs or replacements required, our expert technicians will promptly service your needs. 
  2. 6-Year Maintenance – Every 6 years from the manufacture date, fire extinguishers must be emptied and tested as detailed by NFPA-10. The focus during this maintenance is on the internal condition of the extinguisher, and all parts are replaced, along with the dry chemical powder, if needed. 
  3. 5 & 12-Year Hydrostatic Testing – It is important for fire extinguishers to be hydrostatically tested every 5 & 12 years from the manufacture date. They are then pressure-tested in order to determine if they are in proper condition. If any dents or other such damage is present to imply any weaknesses, the fire extinguisher is then tested and/or condemned.

Orlando Fire Extinguisher MaintenanceGeneral Upkeep 

Even with regularly scheduled technician inspections, there are measures that you can take in the meantime to make sure your fire extinguisher is in good shape. At least once a month, be sure to inspect your fire extinguisher or “quick check,” regardless if it was used or not. 

  1. Keep it in an open and clean space so that it is not hindered by any objects that could interfere with access in case of an emergency. 
  2. You should keep an eye out for any dents, leaks, rust, or other signs of abuse and wear. 
  3. Be sure that all components are not hindered in any way and are intact.

Staying on top of your Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance ultimately benefits you and allows your technician to more easily do their job. If you can’t remember the last time your fire extinguisher was maintained or inspected, it would be our privilege to step in and set your mind at ease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for fire extinguisher maintenance!

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