It’s Time For Your North Lauderdale Fire Alarm Inspection

Who do you call for your North Lauderdale fire alarm inspection? If the answer isn’t DynaFire, you’re doing it wrong. 

To keep your fire alarm system compliant with state and local fire codes and NFPA 72 standards, you need to have it regularly tested and inspected. One of the many Fire & Life Safety solutions we provide at DynaFire is North Lauderdale fire alarm inspection. Here’s what you can expect from your service.

How Often Does A Commercial Fire Alarm Need To Be Tested?

To run an NFPA-compliant property, your systems need to be tested every year. The components that are tested and inspected include:

  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Alarm communication equipment
  • Batteries
  • Remote audio annunciators 
  • And more

Additionally, your smoke detectors need to be tested for sensitivity and function every two years.

How We Conduct Your North Lauderdale Fire Alarm Inspection

Before any testing begins, we will notify the Central Monitoring Station and the local fire department of our plans. We will also place your system in test mode. 

Once this is done, our NICET-certified technicians will then begin testing. While we do mute the alarms for most of your system testing, they will need to be audible some of the time – so bring some earplugs. We promise this isn’t just to annoy building occupants, we need to ensure that the alarms can be heard from every room on your property.

We will also thoroughly check all visual signals like strobe lights to make sure they are visible when your fire alarm is activated. When we conduct your North Lauderdale fire alarm inspection, we coordinate with you so that it causes as little disruption to your normal daily operations as possible. 

Once all of the testing is completed, we will take the system out of test mode and once again notify the fire department and Central Monitoring Station so that any potential alarms are responded to in the future. 

You Don’t Need To Take Notes – Because You Have DynaLink

Once your fire alarm service is completed, you will get a full report explaining the results of the testing and inspection. As one of our clients, you will have access to DynaLink, our secure client portal. DynaLink keeps everything you need exactly where you need it, so you have access to your Fire & Life Safety documentation at all times. You can view the following items:

  • Project quotesNorth Lauderdale Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Service history
  • Job types
  • Testing and inspection documentation
  • And more

You can even access the information for multiple business locations at the same time if you own or manage multiple properties.

Take Your Fire Alarm Testing And Inspection To The Next Level With DynaFire

Conducting the proper testing procedures in your property will ensure that all conditions are met to keep your buildings in compliance with fire code. At DynaFire, we can provide mandatory inspection services to all of our clients’ essential protection systems. Contact us today to discuss your Fire & Life Safety needs!

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