Where To Go For Miami Fire Suppression System Design

We’re going to make a wild guess and assume that you’ve never designed a fire suppression system yourself. Were we right? Thought so. Which is why you need DynaFire for your Miami fire suppression system design. 


Every building is different, from the materials that are used in construction to the layout and intended use of the facility. That’s why we provide Miami fire suppression system design that’s as unique as the building it’s meant to protect. We know how to balance the needs of our clients with the requirements of building codes and safety standards. Here are the steps that we take and the details that we consider when creating your fire suppression system.


What Is A Fire Suppression System?

To state the obvious, a fire suppression system is a system that is in place to suppress fires. The fire suppression systems that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Clean agent systems
  • Inert gases
  • Water mist systems
  • Expansion foam systems


Your fire suppression system is just one part of the Fire & Life Safety solutions that should be present on your property. A comprehensive Fire & Life Safety plan also includes your fire alarm system, portable fire extinguishers, and passive defense systems like fire doors and other fire resistant building materials.


When To Install A Fire Suppression System

It’s always easier to execute the design and installation of a fire suppression system during the design phase of the building that the system will be installed in, but we are able to retrofit a variety of properties as well.


Things To Consider For System Design


State and local requirements

The state of Florida requires that all commercial buildings be equipped with fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards. Choosing DynaFire for your Miami fire suppression system design guarantees a custom system that meets these standards. 


Your property

Our NICET-certified technicians know the fire suppression solution that is right for you. For example, a carbon dioxide (CO2) fire suppressionMiami Fire Suppression System Design system is extremely efficient, but the gaseous chemical is toxic to humans and so these systems can only be installed in an unoccupied and unmanned environment. 


And while an expansion foam system might be a good fit for an aircraft hangar; a clean agent fire suppression system is the best option for data centers and other properties that house high-value assets. 


Overall cost

While your facility needs Miami fire suppression system design, you may not need the most expensive system out there. DynaFire will never recommend unnecessary upgrades or equipment for additional profit. We are only concerned with finding the option that works for you. End of story.


The Fire & Life Safety Service Provider You Need

We’re just going to put this out there, we come highly recommended. Our clients love us and they aren’t afraid to say it. Matt P. left us this five-star review:


“We switched to DynaFire last year. I’ve been so impressed with their response time and product knowledge not only by the sales department but by their techs as well. They make my job so much easier and give me peace of mind knowing they have things under control.”


If you’re ready to have the professionals handle your Miami fire suppression system design, don’t wait another minute. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form, it’s the best choice you’ll make all day.

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