Do You Have Your Melbourne Fire Extinguisher Testing Scheduled?

As with any Fire & Life Safety system, your fire extinguisher needs to be functioning properly to do its job. DynaFire can take care of your Melbourne fire extinguisher testing.


Proper inspection and maintenance keeps your fire extinguisher in operable condition, ensuring that in an emergency situation, it’s readily available to live up to its name. Cross “schedule Melbourne fire extinguisher testing” off your to-do list by contacting DynaFire today – we’ll take care of the rest.


Do I Need Regular Fire Extinguisher Testing?

Per the NFPA 10 standard, there are two requirements for fire system equipment maintenance: annual and 6-year. Additionally, a hydrostatic test will need to be performed every 5 and 12 years from the date of manufacture on your fire extinguisher. This test must be conducted by industry professionals (that’s us).


What About Monthly Fire Extinguisher Checks?

OSHA workplace regulations and NFPA standards require examination of your fire extinguisher every 30 days or more, depending on the environment it is stored in. These checks need to ensure the following:

  • There are no signs of damageMelbourne Fire Extinguisher Testing
  • There is no loss of pressure
  • The extinguisher is in its designated location
  • The extinguisher is easily accessible
  • The extinguisher is visible or has signage indicating its location


These monthly checks can be completed by you in-house, or you can have one of our expert technicians handle it.


Melbourne Fire Extinguisher Testing: Annual Maintenance

Annual testing and maintenance gives you maximum assurance that your extinguisher is ready to go. During this inspection, our technicians will check for physical damage or other conditions that may prevent operation. If any repair or replacement is needed, we can take care of that too.


Melbourne Fire Extinguisher Testing: 6-Year Maintenance

Every 6 years from the date of manufacture, stored-pressure fire extinguishers that also require a 12-year hydrostatic test need to be emptied and examined internally and externally. During this maintenance, all internal parts of the extinguisher are replaced, and the dry chemical powder will be replaced or recycled as needed.


Five And Twelve Year Hydrostatic Testing

You will need hydrostatic Melbourne fire extinguisher testing at 5 and 12 year intervals. During this service, the fire extinguisher is pressure tested to verify its strength against ruptures or leaks. Similarly to the 6-year maintenance, the extinguisher is emptied and examined internally and externally. Extinguishers that show dents, mechanical injury, or corrosion are typically no longer useful and need to be disposed of.


I Had To Use My Fire Extinguisher – What Now?

Did you know that every time your fire extinguisher discharges (even if it’s only a partial discharge) it needs to be serviced or replaced? Per NFPA 10, all rechargeable type fire extinguishers need to be recharged or replaced after any use. Partial use can cause damage and clogs, resulting in a malfunctioning extinguisher. 


Call DynaFire For Your Melbourne Fire Extinguisher Testing

Nothing makes us happier than providing Fire & Life Safety Services for our clients. Contact us today to schedule your next testing, inspection, or maintenance service for your fire extinguisher.

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