3 Reasons You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed Melbourne BDA Solutions

There are many reasons you may not have known to invest in Melbourne BDA solutions. Here are a few.

The term “BDA Solutions” is still fairly new to the business world, but not to the emergency responders who advocate for it. A problem originated when first responders would lose communications inside buildings due to radio signals that were naturally weakened by structures such as concrete, windows and metal. In turn, additional assistance was delayed getting to the site, causing further damage to the property and further injuries that have costed lives. 

Melbourne BDA SolutionsThe solution to this problem is a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) System that is designed to boost signal reach and enhance in-building radio frequency signal coverage for public safety radios. This is one of those, ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’ situations where you have to invest in the future of your business and the safety of your employees and first responders. 

Here are four reasons you didn’t know you needed Melbourne BDA Solutions: 

1. Your Building Is Identified & Inspected Under Local Ordinances And/Or Requires Public Safety Permits

If your building is inspected under local ordinances or requires a public safety permit, you’re in the running for a BDA system. And why wouldn’t you want one in the instance that an emergency arises and first responders need back-up? We utilize the best systems, Honeywell BDA, that are the only UL2524 compliant product available. Not sure what this means? Click here for some sweet stats.

2. Your Building Is New Or Being Renovated 

Word on the street is that the demand for Melbourne BDA solutions is so high that newly renovated buildings are jumping on the trend before they’re required. Because of the system’s positive impact and proven track record, codes will most likely be put in place to ensure all buildings with potential interference have one. 

3. Your Building Requires Constant Two-Way Communications Between First Responders, Maintenance And/Or Security Personnel

It’s like all of those action movies you’ve ever seen about the good guy inside trying to communicate to his partner outside, but the connection is fuzzy and no progress is made. We aim to make sure that the good guys who are trying to save the day are able to do so by calling for extra assistance. Because we all know the good guys always win! 

If you’re looking to invest in Melbourne BDA solutions, we highly recommend it and calling us! Contact us today to learn more or schedule an inspection.

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