The 4 Safety Benefits Of Having A Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Service On Speed Dial

It’s an important safety choice to have a go-to Fort Myers fire extinguisher service you can trust to keep your property secure. Here are some of the benefits we provide:

To Test For Functionality 

What good is a fire extinguisher if it doesn’t work in your time of need? Fire extinguishers are a valuable tool for saving property and allowing safe egress during an emergency. But, they must be ready to rock and roll at all times.

As your Fort Myers fire extinguisher service, we abide by the procedures put in place by the NFPA-10 and hydrostatically test extinguishers every 5 and 12 years from its manufacturing date. In doing so, we’re ensuring the fire extinguisher shows no signs of dents, mechanical injury or corrosion to indicate weakness. 

To Ensure Your Building Is Properly Stocked 

Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Service

While all buildings differ in shape and size, they all require a certain number of fire extinguishers to meet code. The first step is getting your premises inspected to determine all safety measures are put into place.  

If you’re moving office locations or are unsure of your building’s current status, it would be beneficial for you to have one of our NICET trained technicians come out and ensure your building has what it needs in case of an emergency. 

For Maintenance & Repair

As a Fort Myers fire extinguisher service, we offer annual maintenance to give maximum assurance that your extinguishers will effectively operate. Our examination will determine if physical damage or condition is a cause for concern and we’ll repair or replace the product if need be. You wouldn’t want a broken TV on the wall, now would you? We didn’t think so.

Every 6 years from its manufacture date, stored-pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12-year fire extinguisher hydrostatic test will be emptied and subjected to the applicable internal and external examination procedures as detailed in the manufacturer’s service manual and NFPA-10. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable on the matter and will do whatever it takes to give you the green light. 

For Safety & Protection 

All in all, you want building occupants to have the knowledge that if an emergency were to emerge, you have been maintaining the equipment needed to keep them safe. Even the smallest microwave incident requires a functioning fire extinguisher, so it’s critical to have a trained professional on speed dial to guarantee safety. Safety first, always. 

If you’re looking for a Fort Myers fire extinguisher service, we’re just a call away. Contact us today about all your fire needs!

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