What Is Included In A Fire Suppression System Inspection?

If you already know it’s about time to schedule your next fire suppression system inspection, here’s an overview of what will occur when our technicians arrive. We’re all about preparation, so here’s what you should know to be ready for an inspection.

Upon arrival, our team of technicians will survey your space and locate any fire suppression systems present. Whether we installed it or not (trust us, we’ll spot the difference), we’re still able to ensure you’re in full compliance. Because compliance is the whole point of choosing us for your fire suppression system inspection, right? 

Controller of water sprinkler and fire fighting system

Wet Fire Suppression System Inspection

Before the high-level inspection begins (sounds exciting, doesn’t it?), we’ll start by verifying that there are no corroding or loaded sprinkler heads present. After this, we will make sure that extra sprinkler heads and needed gear are available to make any adjustments or repairs. Because calling for back-up isn’t an option when you need your systems to work.

From there, we’ll inspect the hangers to ensure that everything is secured and ready for potential use. We’ll check the main drain on the pressure gauge, see if it’s at the right levels, and then do a flush of the system and log its response time. Think of it as your system’s dress rehearsal. You want to make sure everything’s ready for ‘the big day.’ Except, in this case, we’re hoping you don’t have to use the practice.

Dry Fire Suppression System Inspection

There are many similarities between the inspections required for a wet and dry system, but the main difference is how the operating test is conducted. We recommend that you have a “choke trip” test administered on your fire suppression system every three years for dry systems. This test will simulate an actual fire in your space, allowing us to log the time it took for your system to respond appropriately. Electrician repairing a sprinkler pump, testing to see if it's receiving power. Focus on model. Model is a licensed electrician, working in compliance with national code and safety regulations.


When it comes to planning for these inspections, our technicians will ensure that they are done strategically so that you’ll be able to plan around them. No one wants to be sprayed with fire suppressant while walking into your place of business, right? We didn’t think so. 

If you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to making sure that your business is in full Fire & Life Safety compliance, give us a call. Putting a fire suppression system inspection on the books is easier than you think! Plus, you’ll be leaving all this stuff to the technicians anyway, so it’s simple to set-it and forget-it. The ultimate safety solution in our eyes!

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