Why You Should Choose Us As Your Daytona Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

When you’re looking for a Daytona fire alarm monitoring company, it might seem like there are a lot of options. But when it comes down to it, we think there are a few really good reasons you should choose DynaFire for your Fire & Life Safety needs. 


You know what we like to do every day? Monitor fire alarms. No joke, it’s a passion for us at DynaFire. You might think that sounds just as fun as watching paint dry, but it’s why we get out of bed every morning. If you need a few more reasons why you should choose us as your Daytona fire alarm monitoring company, here they are:


We Have Innovated the Fire Alarm Monitoring Technology Industry

Phone lines used to be the primary source of communication for alarm monitoring technology. We’ve been in the game since 2004, and whenDaytona fire alarm monitoring company we wanted to bring our customers a modern option for their fire alarm monitoring needs, we discovered that there wasn’t one. Some companies might ‘call it a day’ at this point, but that didn’t sit well with us, so we created DynaNet


DynaNet is a wireless mesh network that eliminates the need for slow telephone lines, and provides a fault-tolerant delivery of alarm signals for security and fire alarm systems. The signals from this system are constantly monitored at our central monitoring station, and we ensure that routes to your property are current and up to date. This guarantees that DynaNet provides the fastest and most reliable monitoring system response out there.


We Can Install Your System Quickly

We won’t leave you hanging for months waiting for service. When you contact a Daytona fire alarm monitoring company like DynaFire, we will send one of our licensed technicians directly to your property for an installation, which is complete in no time. Better yet, as soon as your DynaNet system is installed, your building is instantly a receiver, transmitter, and repeater of the radio signals on DynaNet’s frequency. 


This makes DynaNet perfect for property owners who want to protect assets regionally, nationally, or even internationally. It’s easily scalable depending on the needs of your business. Our DynaNet system has been meticulously tested and complies to all UL and NFPA standards. It’s industry recognized as being more reliable than telephone or cellular transmitters and radio towers.


We Have the Best Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service skills and high-quality workmanship. You don’t have to take our word for it though, just take a few minutes to check out our testimonials. You’ll see that we not only have the best clients in the game, but they seem to like us too. 


A recent testimonial from Stephen F. says “I’ve been using DynaFire for the past 5 years, they have excellent customer service and their technicians are extremely polite and professional… Life safety is not a concern for me with DynaFire monitoring and fire services.”

That’s what we like to hear! We’re committed to ensuring that you’re taken care of, and our guarantee is a reflection of that. So if you’re looking for a Daytona fire alarm monitoring company, stop your search right now and give us a call, or fill out our online contact form. We can’t wait to work with you.

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