The Differences Between Our Commercial Fire Systems

At DynaFire, we offer installation and maintenance for all major commercial fire systems. We’re sharing the differences between them below.

Fire Alarms 

Fire alarms are designed to trigger alerts in the event of a fire. They’re considered early-warning commercial fire systems to notify both the people within the facility and the local authorities about the emergency at hand. Fire alarms are also connected to sprinkler systems, when there is a sprinkler system, to go off when the pull station has been triggered. 

DynaFire provides fire alarm installation, as well as monitoring for your commercial system. In order to ensure your property is 100% safe and secure at night and during the weekends, it’d be in your best interest to invest in our alarm monitoring system, DynaNet. 

Fire Sprinklers 

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to actively control the fire or extinguish it at its source. A sprinkler system’s job is to keep the fire contained until firefighters arrive, however, it isn’t uncommon for these systems to extinguish the fire completely before they get to the scene. 

According to the American Fire Sprinkler Association, the combination of fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems have the potential to reduce overall injuries, deaths and property damages by a minimum of 50%. And that’s all you need to know about how essential these systems are in the workplace! 

Commercial Fire SystemsFire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers are a valuable tool for saving lives and properties when experiencing a fire in-person. These commercial fire systems require maintenance and upkeep to ensure they’ll function properly during an emergency. 

From a small instance like a microwave fire to a needing to clear a path in order to exit the building, it’s vital to have one of these systems in plain sight. Contact DynaFire today for a fire extinguisher inspection if you can’t remember the last time your system was checked! 

Fire Suppression Systems 

Fire suppression systems are designed for facilities that house highly combustible equipment. For instance, airport hangers, computer server rooms, factories, fuel stations, and cellular sites are among some of the environments that would warrant a suppression system. 

For more information about our commercial fire systems and the process to install them, contact us today! We’d be happy to get you an appointment to ensure your building is ready for whatever may come its way.

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