3 Ways You’ll Know If You Need Clearwater Fire Extinguisher Testing

Here are three ways to know if you need to give us a ring. 

It’s Been Over One Year Since Your Last Inspection

Because fire extinguishers are such a valuable tool for keeping a property safe, they must be kept top-of-mind to ensure they’re ready to function properly. This is why proper testing and inspections are critical in the workplace. And in every place for that matter! 

If it’s been over a year since your last inspection, your fire extinguisher is due for a check-up. We offer annual maintenance to give maximum assurance that extinguishers will operate effectively. In doing so, we’re taking one thing off your plate and providing your extinguishers with a thorough examination to determine that its condition is in tip-top shape. If any repair or replacement is necessary, and if hydrostatic testing or internal maintenance is required, we’ll get the job done so that you can have peace of mind that your extinguishers are ready to roll. 

You’ve Noticed Wear & Tear

Things happen– fire extinguishers get moved, dropped and damaged when they haven’t even been put to use. There are many working parts that contribute to a fire extinguisher’s success and if just one of them is off, the entire extinguisher could be problematic. 

This is why it’s important to call us for Clearwater fire extinguisher testing. We offer a 5 and 12-year hydrostatic testing service, where our specialists will pressure test your extinguishers to verify its strength against unwanted leaks or ruptures. They empty the system entirely and subject it to the applicable internal and external examination procedures as detailed in the manufacturer’s service manual and NFPA-10. This way, if you notice any evidence of dents or wear and tear, we can ensure it’s functioning from the inside out. 

You’ve Moved Locations

If you’ve moved office locations, keep us in mind for all your Clearwater fire extinguisher testing needs! It’d be in your business’ best interest to get one of our DynaFire specialists out to your property to test and inspect your fire extinguishers for any mishaps that may have occurred during the move. We want to make sure your new building has everything it needs to be safe and successful. And hey, who said fire extinguishers couldn’t be fun? See below for some new office inspo! 

Clearwater Fire Extinguisher Testing

Not only do we provide Clearwater fire extinguisher testing, but we also service all your fire safety-related needs. Contact us today to ensure your fire extinguisher is in good shape and in good spirits!

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