4 Reasons You Need A Fire System Monitor

When it comes to Fire & Life Safety, it’s all about prevention and a fire system monitor does exactly that. Here are 4 reasons you need one in every commercial building.

#1: It Is A Code Requirement 

According to the NFPA, having a fire system monitor is a code requirement. The main requirements for fire alarm monitoring and notification are found in NFPA 101, Section, which states that fire alarm systems required for any occupancy must be equipped to transmit notification of a fire alarm or other emergency automatically to the municipal fire department and fire brigade (if provided).

#2: A Fire System Monitor Helps Save Lives & Prevent Property Damage 

Other than the fact that it is a requirement, a fire system monitor’s most important benefit is that it can help save lives and prevent property damage. It is very effective in detecting even the slightest amount of smoke or fire. The system allows you to quickly prevent a fire from expanding and causing any damage. 

#3: It Helps Reach Emergency Vehicles Quickly

By having a fire system monitor, you never have to worry about calling the fire department or any other emergency vehicles yourself. Your system will automatically connect you with a local fire department if it senses any suspicious activity. This is a major benefit as not only will this protect you in a quicker and more efficient way, but it will also reduce the stress of the people involved when an emergency occurs. 

#4: A Fire System Monitor Offers 24-Hour Protection 

In any business, it can never be guaranteed that there’s someone on-site 24 hours a day. And, even when there are people on-site, it still doesn’t mean that they will be able to detect hazardous activities. With a fire system monitor, this will be the least of your worries. Your property will be protected and monitored closely 24/7. Not to mention you can monitor the system conveniently whenever and wherever you are on your smartphone.

Why You Should Choose DynaNet As Your Fire System Monitor

fire system monitor

Understanding the importance of fire system monitors, DynaFire has developed DynaNet – a wireless fire alarm monitoring system using the latest and most cutting-edge technology. DynaNet detects, informs and reacts to moments of crisis when seconds count. It sends alarm signals between 1-3 seconds compared to traditional methods that can take up to 45 seconds. Simply put, it is the most reliable and quickest wireless fire alarm monitoring response available. Contact us today to equip your building with the best fire system! 

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